Saturday, March 31

stuff this week

It will stop raining in Vancouver, just not this week.

This is not a caterpillar...or is it. Just a little mind-fuck.

I've shared a link about what Jay-Z can teach us about the future of education, on this week's edition look at a corner store in Atlanta that translates Jay-Z's branding ethos to kale.

The (design) nerds and beauty obsessed have collaborated! PANTONE and Sephora team up to create a make-up line promoting 2012 colour of the year: Tangerine Tango.

The Darwin's Bark Spider was just discovered in 2009. They found this one with a web that spans a river 25 m wide. Oh best thing about it: its silk is 10x stronger than Kevlar. If you hate spiders, you can't even kill this one with a gun.

Pollinator bee population has been in a freefall and because of their importance in the ecosystem, long term effects could be devastating. Multiple studies show that insecticides are largley to blame.
The insecticides in question–a class called neonicotinoids–earn well over a billion dollars a year for their manufacturers. These insecticides are everywhere. Virtually all corn in the U.S. is treated with them, for example
It's a complex story. I encourage you to explore and be aware of this issue. Locally, the Land Conservancy of BC have some tips on how to help Bring Back the Bees.

And because bees just can't catch a break, there are also parasites that turn them into zombies with larvaes bursting out of their bodies. No, really.

Tuesday, March 20

the frequency at which i post

...will likely suffer based on what hobbies I pick up from time to time. Last weekend, I played a trial version and immediately bought the full version of Star Wars: The Old Republic. This will likely consume the majority of my free time. My first character is an Imperial Agent. Look at how awesome my character will be!

I've just started out and have just reached level 10. Let me know if you have a character around the same level and if you'd like to play as a group around 7:30-10:00 PST.

Do you play SWTOR? If so, what character and tips can you give me?

Thursday, March 15

stuff this week

Hellebores in bloom.

"As a patrol car arrived on the scene, one of the Amish buggies changed lanes, colliding with the police vehicle. The buggy flipped onto its side, causing minor injuries to one of the people on board. Police say several other buggies fled the scene."
  • Monsanto is evil and owns Seminis. If you're a gardener who, like me, sometimes buy seeds or seedlings from a garden centre, please find out where your seeds truly come from. This list does not mean the cultivars are GMOs, some are even heirloom varieties. However, know that they are now owned by Monsanto and are likely selling them to big box stores under theirs or another distributor's name. If you love any of these varieties, buy them from reputable organic and open-pollinated seed stores*! Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Free and Awesome. Let me teach you some learnings. Fool everyone and act like you know things by listening/watching lectures from top universities for free. Right now, I'm listening to Game Theory by Ben Polak from Yale.

*Visit my "seed list" page to see all organic and open-pollinated seed sellers I've supported.

Monday, March 12

i had a bonus, but i spent it

One pink sewing machine, two pink sewing machines.
I'm lucky enough to work for a company where I get a bonus. At the beginning of the fiscal year, company goals are determined and metrics are clearly laid out. If it has been a good year, and conveniently before the RRSP deadline, we receive this bonus (if any). Because I continue pretending to be a "responsible and productive" member of society, so I forward a portion of it to my retirement savings. The rest, I spend.

I don't readily have a lump of spending money at any given time. Akin to an excited, hungry dog staring into a deli, I salivate at all the possibilities...and also the bacon. I can spend it on responsible things (that word again...ugh), or I can spend it on things that will make me happy. This year's bonus was good, and these are what I bought:

Saturday, March 10

stuff this week

Manneken Pis ensures my flower is well hydrated.

Friday, March 9

heated intellectual discussions with jenn

Photo is unrelated to the conversation. But look, I have owl mugs!

Jenn: I want to know your opinion on (insert whatever thing in the news) issue. Let's have a discussion with random bouts of unnecessarily strong opinions.

Amanda: I don't really know enough about it to take a stance. But I could read the first news story I spot and form an unnecessarily strong opinion based on nothing.

Jenn: Sure! Let's do that. Come back when you're ready.

Saturday, March 3

attacked by a pack of snookis

Jenn: Have you seen @iamjackyblack's tweet joking about Snooki's due date coinciding with the Mayan's end-of-the-world prediction?

Bryce: Hah! Yeah, very clever.

Jenn: Wait, that's not quite accurate. Pregnancy is nine months. What's the actual gestation period for people, is it actually nine months? What is it in weeks? Preggos always talk about things in weeks. I've never been pregnant. Look that up.

Bryce: I think we should account that a Snooki might have a different gestation period.

Jenn: You're right! While we're at it, what if she spawns a litter?!

Bryce: Exactly. This is what the Mayans have foreseen.

Jenn: That'd be a good excuse for teenagers. You know? 
Mom: "Your curfew is 11! It's midnight and you didn't call." Son: "We were attacked by a pack of Snookis. Bob didn't make it!"
Bryce: Oh dumb, slow Bob.

Friday, March 2

stuff this week

Random toy squid found at the community garden.
Has nothing to do with stuff this week!

"At 9, he settled a dispute with a pistol. At 13, he lit out for the Amazon jungle. At 20, he attempted suicide-by-jaguar. Afterward he was apprenticed to a pirate."

Thursday, March 1

ignore the guilt and do what's right

I have to write a letter to a neighbour, the strata, and the property manager that I really do not want to write. The letter will need to specifically outline that the unit above my condo is at fault for the water damage it has cause in my suite. Throughout the two month process of investigating its cause, I've learned more about my neighbours...and that's why I don't want to write the letter. I feel guilty, but I need to do what's right.

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