Saturday, March 3

attacked by a pack of snookis

Jenn: Have you seen @iamjackyblack's tweet joking about Snooki's due date coinciding with the Mayan's end-of-the-world prediction?

Bryce: Hah! Yeah, very clever.

Jenn: Wait, that's not quite accurate. Pregnancy is nine months. What's the actual gestation period for people, is it actually nine months? What is it in weeks? Preggos always talk about things in weeks. I've never been pregnant. Look that up.

Bryce: I think we should account that a Snooki might have a different gestation period.

Jenn: You're right! While we're at it, what if she spawns a litter?!

Bryce: Exactly. This is what the Mayans have foreseen.

Jenn: That'd be a good excuse for teenagers. You know? 
Mom: "Your curfew is 11! It's midnight and you didn't call." Son: "We were attacked by a pack of Snookis. Bob didn't make it!"
Bryce: Oh dumb, slow Bob.

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