Monday, February 18

i knit now

Madeliene's seed stitch cowl. (Obligatory bathroom shot!)
I was in the car with two co-workers after a lunch trip and one had mentioned that she was learning how to knit. She asked if we could stop by Michael's on the way back to the office so she could pick up some yarn. After helping her select yarn (by touching everything and rubbing it against my face), I decided then and there that "I knit now!"

I picked up two skeins, a circular needle (size 11), and a tapestry needle. My co-worker that needed yarn was knitting up a batch of scarves to give away as gifts, and she is using an easy and quick pattern. I ask for the pattern and another co-worker taught me how to cast-on. I was set on learning and finishing a scarf immediately. I quickly sent a text to Bryce, "I knit now!" The pattern for the first scarf I ever made was:
CO 25. K1, *YO, K2tog* until it's long enough.
I've made a few scarves since but in the flurry of excitement from learning new stitches, blocking, and giving it away, I've forgotten to take photos and document my projects--including the one mentioned above. However, I've since found! You can browse or review patterns and yarn, but most importantly you can document your projects.

The first one I documented was a seed stitch cowl for my sister, Madeliene. It's based on the GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley

Here's a close-up of the stitch, as well as the twist in the scarf. I got really carried away with making this one; I started at about 5:30pm and kept going until I finished it almost 3:00am! She was totally stoked about it, so it was worth it. See project details via Ravelry

Saturday, July 21

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