Tuesday, February 28

the first post

I'm trained to write for a specific audience with a specific message for a specific communication purpose. In other words, I've always written for someone else, rather than myself. This is my chance. I've almost killed the idea of setting up this blog because I couldn't definitively determine who will read it. Until I spoke to some veteran bloggers who have essentially told me,
Don't take it seriously. Write what you want. Write for yourself.
So that's what I'll do. I'll write about things, many random things:
  • Issues, ideas, events, people, and causes that I care about. As well as ones I passionately not care about.
  • Random sites, products, inspirational thoughts, and information I'm simply trying to catalogue for later reference. These may include cute owls, hula hoop bear videos, and so-bad-it's-good video ads.
  • Progress on whatever half-thought, half-finished projects I've gotten myself into. Including partly finished quilt tops and my vegetable garden!
My goals for this blog are:
  1. Have an editorial schedule. At the very least, post twice a week.
  2. Keep my camera out of its bag and have the battery always charged. Learn to take better photos by taking more photos.
  3. Try new things, such as hobbies, food, recipes, activities, and document them. Even if I fail. Make sure I learned something and share the experience.
  4. Stop being so serious. I'm aware that my writing is ridiculously formal at times. I'm actually a delightful company. Really.
  5. Be helpful, supportive, and nice. I'll share my successes (and failures) so you can emulate or learn from it. If it didn't work out for you, we can figure it out. If you leave a comment, I'll answer! Even just to say: "Dear Commenter, You my only friend. Let's eat tacos together."
Five is enough. Let's do this!


  1. so... we're having tacos together?! sweet.

    1. done deal. let's do it! ask det if the computer will be done on saturday. if so, we'll come over and take you out to la taqueria or chronic tacos.


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