Monday, March 12

i had a bonus, but i spent it

One pink sewing machine, two pink sewing machines.
I'm lucky enough to work for a company where I get a bonus. At the beginning of the fiscal year, company goals are determined and metrics are clearly laid out. If it has been a good year, and conveniently before the RRSP deadline, we receive this bonus (if any). Because I continue pretending to be a "responsible and productive" member of society, so I forward a portion of it to my retirement savings. The rest, I spend.

I don't readily have a lump of spending money at any given time. Akin to an excited, hungry dog staring into a deli, I salivate at all the possibilities...and also the bacon. I can spend it on responsible things (that word again...ugh), or I can spend it on things that will make me happy. This year's bonus was good, and these are what I bought:

Young Driver's Novice Plus Course
You read that right! I am 27 years old and I do not have my driver's license. I've always perceived it as a want, not a need. I've always put it off because of the cost. If you've had your license for a while, I suggest you look up the price of lessons nowadays. You'd be surprised. (Spoiler: It's about $1,500 CDN for a reputable school.) This year is the year I learn how to drive.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens
Remember my blog goals? One is to take better photos by taking more photos. It'll be a learning by experience approach. Basically, accuracy by volume. I splurged on this lens (which cost more than my camera body) and I'll try my best to get my money's worth. Look forward to many close-up photos, with bokeh everywhere!

Computer Upgrade
Long overdue desktop computer upgrade. Something something nerdy computer terminology I pretend to fully comprehend. I really just want to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. As well as do post-production on the photos I take with my camera, because you never know when you'll need more bokeh!
New computer parts. Look at that sexy heatsink.

Elna 2800 Sewing Machine
I am Jenn, starter of brilliant craft and sewing projects. Finisher of none. I have numerous quilt tops. I used the super awesome (and best birthday present ever) Kenmore/Janome Mini Ultra 3/4 Size Sewing Machine to piece everything. I've been saving up for a new full-sized sewing machine that I want to last forever. I wasn't in any rush so I waited for a good sale. Luckily, Spool of Thread had the answer! I now have an Elna 2800...which are made in the same factory and uses the same accessories as Janome machines! Also, it's pink!

What are some of your bonus money splurges?


  1. That is a super cute sewing machine :D I want to get my license this year too!

  2. Thanks Del! I thought you were going to driving school already?


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