Saturday, March 31

stuff this week

It will stop raining in Vancouver, just not this week.

This is not a caterpillar...or is it. Just a little mind-fuck.

I've shared a link about what Jay-Z can teach us about the future of education, on this week's edition look at a corner store in Atlanta that translates Jay-Z's branding ethos to kale.

The (design) nerds and beauty obsessed have collaborated! PANTONE and Sephora team up to create a make-up line promoting 2012 colour of the year: Tangerine Tango.

The Darwin's Bark Spider was just discovered in 2009. They found this one with a web that spans a river 25 m wide. Oh best thing about it: its silk is 10x stronger than Kevlar. If you hate spiders, you can't even kill this one with a gun.

Pollinator bee population has been in a freefall and because of their importance in the ecosystem, long term effects could be devastating. Multiple studies show that insecticides are largley to blame.
The insecticides in question–a class called neonicotinoids–earn well over a billion dollars a year for their manufacturers. These insecticides are everywhere. Virtually all corn in the U.S. is treated with them, for example
It's a complex story. I encourage you to explore and be aware of this issue. Locally, the Land Conservancy of BC have some tips on how to help Bring Back the Bees.

And because bees just can't catch a break, there are also parasites that turn them into zombies with larvaes bursting out of their bodies. No, really.

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