Monday, June 4

harvest: butterhead lettuce 'speckles'

'Speckles' Lettuce
Speckles is an heirloom bibb lettuce that originated from Germany and Holland. It was brought over 200 years ago to North America. It's a great tasting lettuce perfect for salads and sandwiches.

I grow it on a raised bed in the community garden and in containers in my patio. Matures in about 55 days and does well in cool, damp weather. Sow in batches of 3 every other week from mid-March to June and again from mid-August and through September to stagger harvests.

It transplants well, but make sure to transplant on an overcast or cloudy day! (I transplanted a batch on a sunny day and it withered by the next day. Oops!) Transplant 10cm (4") apart. Once the leaves touch, thin by harvesting every other plant and let remainders grow until you want to eat them!

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