Tuesday, June 12

grow: take it easy, there's salad from the patio

Salad from the patio. Tom thumb lettuce, baby chard and kale, misc. red lettuces, and pansies!

This weekend I woke up to Bryce already preparing poached eggs with sriracha mayo on english muffins for breakfast. I decided that we should also have salad, so I headed out onto the patio. Everything photographed above was gathered from miscellaneous container garden plants. I find that exciting!

This is the first year I've made a concious effort to commit to edible gardening. In the past, it was a matter of setting up everything all at once on a sunny weekend in May then harvesting whatever comes up and putting it all to rest in fall. This year, I've planted everything from seed and make a habit of sowing something every week to ensure a continual harvest. Logically I understand how and why it's working, but it just blows my mind that it's working!

I have a tendency to over-plan and scrutinise the details. Bryce has encouraged me to just let go, garden on a whim, and treat it as play time. I'm glad he did because it is far more enjoyable this way. I no longer refer to a spreadsheet with a schedule (which I used to and I still think is an awesome tool). Instead, I now bring 2-3 seed packets when I head out to the patio or the community garden. When I get there, I try to find an empty spot. If I find one, I scatter seeds. Sometimes they come up, sometimes they don't. Either way, it's ok.

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